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Onverzadigde vetten zijn juist meestal vloeibaar bij kamertemperatuur en komen vooral uit plantaardige producten. Welke soort vetten zijn het gezondst? Dit is niet zo eenvoudig als men eerst dacht. Er werd namelijk eerst van uitgegaan dat onverzadigde vetten gezond zijn en verzadigde vetten ongezond, maar dat hoeft lang niet altijd zo te zijn. De meest gezonde vetten zijn de omega-3 vetzuren. . deze groep vetzuren hoort bij de onverzadigde vetten. . deze vetten kun je vooral vinden in vette vis, lijnzaad en walnoten.

kop bestaat uit glycerol en de armen uit vetzuren. De samenstelling van de vetzuren bepaald of het een verzadigd vet of onverzadigd vet. Vetzuren bestaan over het algemeen uit koolstofatomen met daaraan gebonden waterstofatomen. Wanneer alle bindingen van het koolstofatoom bezet worden door waterstofatomen, wordt een vetzuur verzadigd genoemd. Wanneer dit niet het geval is, wordt er tussen twee koolstofatomen een dubbele binding gemaakt en is er nog ruimte over om een andere stof, zoals waterstof te binden. Deze vetzuren worden onverzadigd genoemd. Alle vetten en oliën bevatten zowel verzadigde als onverzadigde vetzuren. Verzadigde vetten worden vooral gevonden in dierlijke producten. Over het algemeen kan gesteld worden dat verzadigde vetten bij kamertemperatuur gestold (hard) zijn.

Vetten hebben de volgende functies in het lichaam: Vetten beschermen de kwetsbare organen. Vetten zijn een belangrijke warmte isolator en beschermen je rode zo tegen kou. Vetten zijn een belangrijke energiebron. Vetten kunnen direct energie leveren en geven ook twee keer zo veel energie als suiker of eiwitten. Vetten zorgen ervoor de vitamines a, d, e en K goed worden opgenomen in het lichaam, waardoor vetten meehelpen met de bouw van cellen in het lichaam. Vet onderdrukt het hongergevoel, omdat het langer duurt voordat vet is verteerd in de maag. Vetten kunnen dus eigenlijk onmogelijk uit onze voeding weggelaten worden. Bovendien kan het lichaam niet alle vetzuren zelf aanmaken, maar zijn er een aantal belangrijke vetzuren die het lichaam alleen binnen kan krijgen door bepaalde voeding. Deze vetten worden essentiële vetzuren genoemd. Wil je een gezond afslank weekmenu incl. Klik hier haar en ik stuur ze gratis naar je toe.

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Er is nogal wat verwarring over wat verzadigde vetten en onverzadigde vetten zijn racefiets en welke vetten gezond zijn. De verschillen tussen deze twee vetten zijn niet zo simpel. Wat ik wel gelijk kan vertellen is dat vetten een veel kleinere rol spelen bij overgewicht dan koolhydraten en suikers. Dat lijkt misschien vreemd, omdat dikke mensen nou eenmaal meer vet hebben. Na het lezen van dit artikel, weet ook jij welke soorten vetten er zijn en of deze je helpen met afvallen of niet. Inhoud van dit artikel: Wat doen vetten? Ten eerste is het goed om te weten dat vetten heel belangrijk zijn voor ons lichaam.

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Crash diets try to lure us with zoutarm testimonials and anecdotal success stories. . But they lack all important scientific research. . reviews have assessed a wide range of popular diets and concluded that lower fat, balanced diets are associated with the best long term results. . They are the most nutritious, help other aspects of health such as controlling cholesterol and blood pressure, and help regulate appetite. Keeping up new healthy habits was also strongly linked to psychological issues such as: coping with emotional eating ; getting regular support ; keeping food diaries ; confronting problems directly; believing that obesity is a problem that can be managed and using personally developed, flexible. Getting support and developing flexible restraint are vital for long term weight loss. .

Short term crash diets are all about rigid restraint and undermine healthy weight control messages. They reinforce a mind set of strict dieting rather than gradual, sustained lifestyle change which is so important for long term success. Dos and Donts of healthy dieting Do: Set realistic goals and aim to lose no more acne than 1 to 2 pounds week eat regular meals Choose a variety of healthy foods from the main food groups develop your low fat cooking skills and eat plenty. They may give a kick start but you must be able to make healthy lifestyle changes to keep losing and/or keep the weight off. Dont Believe they are the answer to all your problems Think they help you lose weight magically theyre just low calorie diets Hope they will make you slim. . Most only cause a small amount of fat loss Crash diets can lead to yo-yo dieting and the never ending spiral of losing and putting on again.

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But there is no evidence that frequent dieting dramatically changes body composition or permanently lowers metabolic rate. Psychological Effects of Crash dieting, as well as affecting our body, crash dieting affects our mind. . Crash dieters tend to get into a cycle of yo-yo dieting and lose confidence in their ability to lose weight. . dieters feel they have failed, yet the rigid, extreme diet is the failure as its impossible to follow for long. . Repeatedly following crash or rigid diets can also increase the risk of binge eating, and developing all or nothing thinking where people feel they have failed if they eat a bad food and totally relapse and keep on eating.

Crash diets can encourage the belief that slim equals success or that life will be better if you simply lose weight by any means, even if its unhealthy. . Crash diets are short term and uni-dimensional and dont help people address the real obstacles to losing weight and keeping it off. . i always ask people considering a crash diet to look at their past record of dieting success and failures to help them decide whether it really is worth doing. Crash diets and General Well being. If crash diets were a form of medication they wouldnt be allowed because of the side effects. A crash diet is essentially semi-starvation which is associated with decreased concentration, food preoccupation and a strong desire to eat, feeling tired, anxious and low so hardly beneficial for our general well being. Do crash diets Help you keep the weight Off?

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even the book version of the cabbage soup diet carries warnings not to follow it for too long gratis as its not healthy and balanced. . Strict low carb diets lack nutritious foods like wholegrain breads and cereals, fruit, pulses and yogurt, and detox diets which exclude wheat, meat and dairy can be low in iron (to prevent anaemia zinc (for healthy skin and immunity) and calcium (for strong bones). The saving grace is that these diets are so boring and rigid, most people are unlikely to follow them long enough to cause true nutritional deficiencies. . But following them frequently could affect your bone health, and increase the risk of iron deficiency and anaemia which cause lethargy, poor concentration and irritability. In fact, a study in the. American journal of Clinical Nutrition by Dr Marta van loan of the us agricultural Research Service, concluded that healthy women who are concerned about their weight and thus restrain their eating and nutrient intake, have lower bone density than normal eaters, and may increase their. Whenever we lose weight, most of the weight lost is fat but we also lose some lean muscle tissue. This loss can be minimized by combining gradual weight loss with regular physical activity. . Crash diets fly in the face of this advice. .

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But much of the weight lost on a short term crash diet is fluid. . Very restricted diets, especially those low in carbohydrate, cause the body to use up thee carbohydrate stores, known as glycogen, in the liver and muscle. Glycogen is stored with three times its weight in water which is also lost, and can lead to a 4 to 5lb loss on the scales in days. . But once normal eating resumes, glycogen and fluid are rapidly restored and weight goes back. . to lose a pound of true body fat you need to eat 3,500 calories less than usual usual may be 2000 to 3000 calories so its not physically possible to lose 5-10lbs of fat in days! How does a crash diet Affect health And Metabolism? A balanced diet includes foods from the four main food groups: fruit and vegetables; breads, potatoes and other cereals; milk and dairy foods; and meat, fish and vegetarian alternatives. A crash diet is so restricted its nutritionally inadequate. Think of the Egg diet where copious amounts of preferably hard boiled eggs (you apparently but incorrectly use more calories digesting them) are eaten, and not much else. .

First arriving on desks and dinner tables via the fax or internet. . Its based on the supposedly fat burning cabbage soup, but again its just a very restrictive, low calorie diet. . This diet was said to come from the sacred heart Memorial Hospital in the usa a hospital that doesnt exist. . This is a diet that so incensed the. American heart Association that they declared war on crash dieting, which they say can undermine peoples health, are monotonous so cant be followed for long, cause physical discomfort, and lead to disappointment when people regain the weight soon after. The maple syrup diet is another example, along with the hcg diet which will also have you injecting hormones into yourself! Does Crash dieting cause weight Loss? Crash diets are low calorie diets, and we lose weight when we consume fewer calories than we burn, no matter how weird or sensible the diet. .

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By, dietitian, lyndel Costain BSc rd, what Are Crash diets? Were talking very restrictive, short term diets with a rigid set of rules which focus on a few foods and promise fast weight loss for little effort. . Crash diets are different from medically monitored very low calorie diets, which are nutritionally bouwvergunning complete (just low in calories) and require some monitoring from a health professional. The so-called British heart foundation diet is a classic example. . Its a three day diet that claims youll lose 10lbs and works on a chemical breakdown and is proven. . It involves controlled amounts of foods like grapefruit, peanut butter, tuna, eggs, beetroot, crackers and ice cream. . What it doesnt tell you is that the meal plans provide about 800 calories a day and it has nothing to do with the. Much of the weight you lose will be fluid, so when you eat normally again, youre back to square one. Then theres the, cabbage soup diet. .

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